About Me

I've noticed some of these "About"(the author) pages are often written in the 2nd-person, as if someone else was writing the description. As IF the author was so interesting, someone else took it upon themselves to write about him.  I find the practice a tad bizarre, personally, but if I HAD to clone myself so as to write an 'about me" page from a 2nd-person perspective, it might go something like this:

"Scoob" is a middle-aged, burnt-out, underpaid ambulette driver who plies the overcrowded roadways of Long Island while plotting his escape to more financially-sustainable and hospitable climes - a feat he nearly achieved before the crash of `08 sunk the job market in the State of his intended relocation, just 5 months after buying a home there. Ouch.  Ever the pragmatist (and understandably risk-averse) he continues to live, uhm,..."creatively", in a small 35+ year old RV, on Long Island  while working towards doing whatever is necessary to resume his plan to relocate. After two years of seeing no improvement in the economy, *particularly* in the State he intends to relocate to, he has all but given up on a recovery. Thus, his focus is now on creating his own income stream, becoming independent of the job-market, and resuming his pursuit of being a debt-free homeowner in a lox-tax, balmy area of the country.

There is quite a bit more to my story, of course, but the above is a decent summary.  Now that you know a little about my situation, you can see where my interests lie, and why I decided to blog about it.