There are basically two kinds of content on this blog:

1) Articles, photos, ect that I obviously got from elsewhere and posted.  In almost all cases, there will be a link to the full article where I found it, and only an excerpt - a "fair use"-snippet if you will, on the blog.  In no cases will you see my nic (Scoob) at the bottom of an article I didn't write.  However, I may comment or respond to comments containing part of the original article with my nic at the bottom.

2) Articles, photos, ect that I myself wrote or created.will almost never have a link to an external location, and will be signed "Scoob" at the bottom.  In the event the article is one I wrote, but the pictures are not, I will indicate that in the post.  You are free to link to my articles or posts, and are free to glom a reasonably-sized excerpt to post elsewhere on the `net, but I ask that you not post the entire article, but rather, post an excerpt and a link back to the full article for anyone that wants to read it in it's entirety.

I hold no rights or claims at all on other peoples' work. I will respect and respond to any copyright-holder`s request to remove their articles ASAP.  Just contact me and let me know.  The crudely anti-spammed-up version of my email addy is: Sc o o b at peakdollars dot com